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Disability Panels to Take Back Control

When you create an estate plan, it is an admission of your mortality. But even if you accept that you are not going to live forever, you may be slower to face the possibility that you could become incapacitated before you die. Although it can be an uncomfortable topic, incapacity is an essential but often […]

Strategies for your Charitable Giving

There are many reasons why you may want to give to a charity: You may give because you believe strongly in a cause or organization, but it can also reduce your yearly income tax bill and remove value from your overall estate. If you are considering making a donation, but are unsure of how to […]

Mental Health Considerations in Estate Planning

It is okay to not be okay. Removing the stigma of mental health starts with realizing that many people—about one in five of all US adults–are affected by mental illness. Understanding this fact can lead to more people getting the help they require, not only by seeking guidance from a mental health expert, but also […]

3 Tips for Protecting Your Finances from Scams as You Age

Here are three tips for protecting your finances as you age or those of you with an elderly parent or other relative: 1. Assemble Your Defenders. This tip emphasizes choosing the right person – someone who is money-savvy, trustworthy, and ready to act in your best interest – to step in and manage your finances […]

Make Sure to Update Your Beneficiary Designations

Did you know that beneficiary designations can become a huge problem if they are not updated? Beneficiary designations on your retirement accounts, IRAs, annuities and life insurance policies override what’s in your will. This means that people you don’t intend to inherit your assets could in fact get your money if you were to die. […]

What is an Ethical Will?

What is an ethical will? It is a separate document from your living will, and it shares your important values, religious beliefs, life lessons, and blessings with your family members. An ethical will can be in written or video form, and is something that can be shared during your lifetime as a way of drawing […]

What is a Health Care Directive?

What is a Health Care Directive? It’s a legal document that is commonly part of an estate plan. It can include instructions from you to your future medical providers, but may also be called, or include, a health care power of attorney. It typically involves the appointment of a health care agent. Who Should I […]

Can Inherited Assets be Seized in a Divorce?

Shocking to most people, your retirement accounts can be seized once they pass to your loved ones. During your lifetime, your retirement funds have asset protection, meaning they can’t be taken in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, as soon as retirement accounts are inherited, the protection evaporates. This means your hard earned money can legally be snatched […]

Estate Planning: Treating Your Loved Ones Fairly or Equally?

Depending on your parenting philosophy, you will have to decide whether you want to treat your children or grandchildren equally or fairly in your estate plan. Treating your loved ones equally means that they all receive the same amount; treating them fairly means that your loved ones receive money and property according to their individual […]

Bankruptcy’s Effect on Estate Planning

Bankruptcy may be one of the last things on your mind when you are creating an estate plan. Fortunately, the number of bankruptcy filings has declined over the past several years, but there were still 544,463 bankruptcy filings in 2020. What happens to your estate if you file for bankruptcy protection but die while still […]