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What Can George Washington Teach Us About Estate Planning?

Washington was arguably the most universally beloved and revered US president. Volumes have been written about this man and what he accomplished during his life. One significant achievement that few people know about is the care Washington took to ensure that his final affairs were in order and that those who relied on him were […]

Our Latest Article Featured in the Oklahoma Bar Journal

We are excited to share that our latest article, “Long-Term Care Planning for Oklahoma’s Farmers and Ranchers,” has just been published in the Oklahoma Bar Journal! Dive into page 24 of the February 2024 issue to explore valuable insights on family dynamics, the strategic use of irrevocable trusts, and leveraging LLC structures in estate planning. […]

Home Security Systems and Estate Planning

Estate planning helps bring peace of mind and a sense of security, both in our lifetime and beyond. While we cannot predict our fate, we can at least dictate how our money and property will be distributed and ensure that we provide for our loved ones. Physical security is a big part of feeling emotionally, […]

The Power of Testamentary Bequests

Testamentary bequests offer a remarkable opportunity for you to leave a meaningful impact on charitable causes close to your heart. In essence, they are provisions in your estate plan that enable you to designate specific gifts or donations to charitable organizations or causes that are meaningful to you. These bequests provide a structured and legally […]

Enhance Your Charitable Giving with Donor Advised Funds

What are Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)? Donor Advised Funds are a unique and effective charitable giving vehicle that allows you to make tax-deductible contributions to a public charity or community foundation. The National Philanthropic Trust estimates that over $45 billion in grants were made to qualified nonprofit organizations in 2021. Once the donation to a […]

Investment and Distribution Trustees: Do You Need Both?

When creating a trust, it is common to name yourself as the initial trustee who is responsible for all aspects of administering the trust. However, when considering who will take over when you can no longer act (either because of illness or death), it is sometimes helpful to divide the responsibilities between two or more […]

How to Protect Your Family if You Are Recently Unemployed

If you have recently lost your job, you are not alone! Inflation has skyrocketed in the United States over the past couple of years. Some smaller businesses have not been able to survive the increased expenses, putting employees out of work, while many larger companies have laid off employees to reduce their costs. If you […]

Updating Your Estate Plan: How Many Tweaks Are Too Many?

Imagine a recipe card you have used for years. If you have crossed out and replaced one or two ingredients, the card may still be readable. However, if you have altered the ingredients many times, the recipe card is probably very confusing. If your loved ones cannot read your instructions to determine whether to add […]

What Are Beneficiary Controlled Trusts?

Would you like to provide your children or loved ones with an inheritance but protect them from the risks that may accompany a large windfall? If so, you can create a beneficiary-controlled trust in which the person you name as the trust’s primary beneficiary has rights, benefits, and control over the property held by the […]

If I transfer my business to a trust, how will it be managed?

  If I transfer my business to a trust, how will it be managed? It will depend on several factors, such as what kind of business has been transferred and how that business was managed prior to the transfer. Here are some considerations depending on what type of business it is: LLC: After a business […]