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Investing in Estate Planning

“The cost is more than I expected.” I’ve heard this on several occasions during estate planning consultations, which is understandable. You’ve got a mortgage and other bills to pay, a family to support. Many people think of estate planning as a luxury: sure, it’d be nice to have, but it’s not something you absolutely need. Unfortunately, the absence of estate planning can cause families to self-destruct upon the death or disability of a loved one. No will or trust may lead to bitter disputes over how property should be distributed. Not having a durable power of attorney could force family members to seek guardianship of someone who is incapacitated in order to manage that person’s financial affairs. The lack of an Advance Directive for Health Care might require you to make agonizing decisions about your loved one’s end-of-life medical treatment. In each of these scenarios, protracted and expensive litigation may follow. I’ve seen this in my own family. Helping others prevent the same thing from occurring is my passion. It’s what motivates me.

Like contributing to your 401(k) or IRA, estate planning is an investment in your future. You’ve worked hard your whole life. You have built a legacy that is worth protecting. And you deserve the peace of mind in knowing that your family is taken care of if anything happens to you. That peace of mind is truly invaluable.