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How to Prove You Are Mentally Competent for Your Will or Trust

Although we would all like to believe that our family and loved ones will honor our wishes as expressed in our estate plan, contests are more common than you might think. Sometimes, a family member does not receive what they thought they would after a loved one passes away. To try to get what they […]

Navigating the Medicaid Maze

As our population ages, navigating the complex realm of elder law becomes increasingly important for families and individuals seeking to protect their loved ones and secure their financial future. Among the many aspects of elder law, Medicaid plays a crucial role in providing healthcare coverage and long-term care options for seniors.   Understanding Medicaid: Medicaid […]

What to Do with a Loved One’s Used Medical Equipment

After a loved one has passed away and the funeral has been held, the task of sorting through their personal belongings begins. While items with sentimental value or family historical importance may have been distributed to beneficiaries in the estate plan, many more might still be lying around the house. The question of what to […]

How to Avoid Estate Planning Scams

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on an estate plan to protect loved ones, only to find that no true protection exists. Unfortunately, this scenario happens on a regular basis to individuals who are victims of estate planning schemes. According to a report conducted by the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of people ages 50 and […]

3 Tips for Protecting Your Finances from Scams as You Age

Here are three tips for protecting your finances as you age or those of you with an elderly parent or other relative: 1. Assemble Your Defenders. This tip emphasizes choosing the right person – someone who is money-savvy, trustworthy, and ready to act in your best interest – to step in and manage your finances […]

Risks of Polypharmacy in Alzheimer’s Patients

A prevalent issue for elderly Americans is the concurrent use of multiple prescription medications, or polypharmacy. The more medications a person takes, the higher the risk of dangerous drug-drug interactions and increased possibility of inappropriate prescribing, adverse drug reactions, hospitalization, and even death. Patients who have Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or other forms of dementia often […]

What is Long Distance Caregiving?

Long distance caregiving means providing care for a person who lives an hour or more away. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) describes that this type of caregiving takes many forms – from arranging for in-home care, money management, bill paying, and information coordinator. You may also provide respite care for a primary caregiver, conduct […]